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Management Team

  • Image of Eric Barvin

    Eric Barvin


    As founder, chairman, and CEO of Barvin, Eric is responsible for the strategic planning and growth of the company and maintains oversight over all aspects of Barvin. Eric believes that the company’s commitment to an evergreen business strategy a...
  • Kate Schilling

    Director of Investor Relations

    Kate heads Barvin's investor communications and reporting efforts. She has over 10 years of financial communications experience, most recently helping lead the investor relations and sustainability initiatives at Callon Petroleum. She advised an ...
    Image of Kate Schilling
  • Image of Derrek LeRouax

    Derrek LeRouax

    Vice President of Development

    Derrek LeRouax leads all Barvin ground-up development activities in the United States. Prior to joining Barvin, Derrek was COO for Caydon’s United States division headquartered in Houston, TX. Prior to Caydon, Derrek developed multifamily proper...
  • Susan Pohl

    Senior Vice President of Acquisitions

    Susan has over 25 years of experience in the multi-family industry. She’s acquired over 30,000 multi-family units, covering all aspects of the transaction. Prior to joining Barvin, Susan was Vice President, Acquisitions for Resource Real Estate’ ...
    Image of Susan Pohl
  • Image of Kelli Tomczak

    Kelli Tomczak

    Senior Vice President of Asset Management

    Kelli leads the Asset Management function across all of Barvin's operated and third-party managed properties. She has over 20 years of real estate experience, previously holding the role of Chief Administrative Officer for US Residential Group (...
  • Matt Kolenc


    Matt is responsible for the financial oversight of Barvin companies, including accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting. He reviews the monthly accounting reports and statements for the Barvin portfolio. Matthew won Barvin's coveted Impact ...
    Image of Matt Kolenc